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Haiti STEM Alliance - Pennies for Haiti

“STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s an acronym that was coined to address the current and future shortage of skilled workers in high-tech fields and the inadequate education of students in these areas. The shortage of skilled workers and students in STEM is only half of the story. More alarming is the shortage of female skilled workers and students in STEM. Stats vary by country and by discipline but generally speaking, women make up only 15-25% of the current STEM workforce, and the gap is broadening.”

In addition, to closing the gap on the shortage of women workers in STEM the purpose of Haiti STEM Alliance’s program is also to break the cycle of poverty plaguing many families in Haiti. By assisting the next generation and especially girls in advancing, and finishing, their education we open a door to the community, economic and job growth and opportunities. We also envision by training more individuals in these disciplines that we would foster the opportunity for more technical jobs (related to computers and robotics) be created in Haiti. In addition, the success of this program could also invite other countries to outsource their technical jobs and allow the world to view Haiti as a leader in gender equality and STEM disciplines.

This program focuses on the educational equality and advancement of all children in Haiti. This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program has been developed to educate children of all ages and to encourage them to not only complete secondary school, but to pursue post-secondary education. This program reaches even farther than education by empowering our girls and creating leaders within the community that possess a range of skill sets.

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this program falls into Goal 1 “No Poverty” and Goal 4 "Quality Education". The United Nations ( has developed an agenda and created a plan of action to change the world, and meet goals, by 2030. This plan includes 17 sustainable development goals and Haiti STEM alliance has adopted two of these goals in order to change lives in Haiti.


Pennies for Haiti is a
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